Your Computer Is Infected: How Long Until It’s Destroyed?

For most all computers owners, the worst news you could get is “Your Computer Is Infected With A Virus!” It’s news that immediately alludes to buying a new computer, soon! We all want to make this go away as soon as possible. The first question to yourself is ” I have a PC virus, how do I get rid of it?” and the next question should be “How long do I have before this PC virus completely destroys my computer?”

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What is a computer or PC virus? In short, a computer virus is a program that reproduces itself into several copies and attaches to different computer files, programs, and media. As harmless as this may seem, it a serious problem for you once your computer is infected. Most viruses stem from what is called a rootkit, which creates a portal for other malicious programs to corrupt your computer. Viruses have several functions. Some only attach to different files to take up space, some shield other viruses from anti-virus/anti-spyware software, some to transport file information elsewhere, and other to destroy the PC.

All viruses attack the software first. How does this affect you? First off, the lifeblood of all things “computer” is code. Once a virus has infiltrated your computer, it attached to the each file or program from within and alters to code. This immediately changes the functionality of this file or program immediately. Now, the PC virus can change, add, or delete any piece of code to or from this file or program that it wants. This is what makes viruses so dangerous to your computer. These alterations usually send you subtle hints that your computer is infected.

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Yes, viruses can damage your computers’ hardware. How? Think about this, “code” is the lifeblood of your computer, so even the hardware is controlled via software code. If you have a virus that codes the software controlling your hardware to keep running non-stop, how long would it take for your hardware to eventually be ruined by a PC virus? This is especially true for the Trojan virus because it typically poses as a useful program that you would inadvertently give access to your hardware to ultimately damage them. This includes every piece of internal hardware including your monitor.

The time it takes these viruses to damage your computer ranges. Some viruses are written to lay dormant for a while and strike all at once, others attack immediately. But the time frame depends solely on which type of virus you get and what it’s written to do. Viruses can start to eat away at your computer in as little as one hour. That doesn’t leave you much time! The reality is, no one knows exactly how long it takes a virus to destroy a computer. So act fast, before it’s too late.

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