Rootkit Signs – Origin Of The Search Redirect Virus

Rootkit Sign


One of the most evasive threats to your PC in the recent past has been rootkits. You may be wondering “What are rootkits?” Rootkits are defined as malicious software that allows an unauthorized user to maintain access to a computer by concealing programs and processes, files, or data from the operating system per Many don’t realize his/her computer is at risk because it is not evident in the beginning that the threat is present. Here are the most common rootkit signs to watch out for.

1. Computer Slowness. When it runs sooooo slow! You sit there for minutes to perform a function that should only take a few seconds.

2. Poor Performance. Applications and programs will tend to not perform the tasks they were originally designed for. Even if it does some but not all tasks it’s supposed to, try detecting rootkits.

3. Search Redirects. When attempting to use search engines, it will often allow you to pull up the search engine and perform the search, but will redirect the results to a host of different web addresses from the one you selected the link for.

4. PC Reboots Itself. It will randomly cut off in the middle of different programs and reboot. This is one of the more telltale signs that the computer rootkit is destroying your PC.

5. Anti Virus Stops Working. It doesn’t typically stop it from completely working, but it will keep your anti-virus from blocking the malware threats supported by the rootkit.

6. PC Portrays To Run Out Of Memory. Rootkits will inflate the amount of bytes needed to run applications or programs. In many cases, it is only perceived to be that way.

7. Error Messages. Several of the error messages will be unrelated to the actual problem with your PC.

8. Altered Desktop Settings. Rootkits will often infect the drivers and system files that prevent all settings from remaining saved.

9. Excessive Popups. Popup blocker, in some cases, will be one of several applications that will be infected and have less functionality than normal.

These are a few of the signs that your computer is infected with a rootkit. Several of these signs could also mean something other than a rootkit is the problem with your PC, since many infections yields the same issues. Be sure to use a rootkit detector if you feel that it could be the problem. Also, upgrade your anti-virus software and get it removed as soon as possible.