Fast Redirect Virus Removal Can Help Keep Your Identity Secure While Online

ID TheftThere are several ways to get your identity stolen these days. These thieves are doing everything from taking mail, manipulating business cards, and extracting credit card information through your pocket or purse. But, the most comprehensive hub for personal information is your computer. Your computer offers a buffet of information that can be used to do everything from committing crimes to buying houses.

Redirect Virus Frustration

One of the most prominent threats to your computer as of late is the Search Redirect Virus. This virus basically embeds redirect information into your system files to send all of your search results where it wants you to go. So, as you try to find the information you originally searched for, you’re redirected to multiple unrelated sites. It is extremely annoying and frustrating. This is the most obvious sign that you may have this virus. Other signs may include limited memory, low speed, and long boot up time. These indicate that it’s time for a redirect virus removal.

Identity Threat

This virus is a major threat to your identity due to the origin and the function of it. The origin is a rootkit, which is designed to build a gateway for malicious software and files to infiltrate your system. The function of this virus is to take control of your computer. Therefore, you are at the mercy of whatever malware decides to visit your computer and use that control taken by the redirect virus to extract any information it is designed to get. This is where an identity thief will go to work on you. Now, not only does he/she has access to all of your saved files, but also has access to any usernames and passwords that you provide during the time the redirect virus is active.

Theft Time Frame

The time you have before this becomes a huge problem for your identity varies. This all depends on what the rootkit behind the redirect virus was designed to do. In some cases, you have however long it takes for a malware built to steal an identity floats into your system. In others, you’re a victim within the first hour your computer is infected. Be aware that the longer it takes you to identify the infection and get it removed, the more likely you are to be victimized. Don’t wait. If you feel that you may have a rootkit of any kind, take care of it right away.

Keep your identity secure from these types of threats by detecting, removing, and protecting against future rootkits on your computer. Be sure to keep an anti-malware program, solid anti-virus software, and rootkit detection/removal program. Or, have the matter attended to by a professional.