I Got A Virus, Now What Do I Do?

A really good friend of mine was allowing a lot of people to come over and use his laptop. As a good person, he allowed this because several of these people either didn’t have computers on their own, or lived far away and needed to take care of something online really quick. This was not the only way he got a virus, but it was a huge variable!

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Computers viruses hardly ever fully infect your PC from the beginning. His started with it running a little slow. Then, when he went to Google search he noticed whatever phrase he searched for would show the results, but if you select any of the search results it would very rapidly redirect him to several sites unrelated to the search query. Usually they were the same URLs or the same URLs plus a few new ones. He then realized he had a browser hijacker. He was not aware of his problem, a Google virus.



Being unaware of the problem, lead him to even more problems with his laptop. He ran a few virus scans because he had come to the conclusion “I got a virus!! Now, what do I do?” With hopes that this would eliminate his browser hijacker, he continued to use the PC as normal. Not realizing, that Search Redirecting Viruses have longterm consequences when not properly treated. More time passed, his problems with the laptop persisted and he ultimately ended up allowing his laptop to becoming inoperative and unusable. That sucks!!

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What should he have done? Great question! First, he should have done proper research on anti-virus/anti-spyware software for his laptop. This would have deterred the rootkit which allows entry for the Google virus or search redirecting virus from the beginning. I recommend Kaspersky Lab. But, in the event the rootkit still seaped through, he should have done proper research and found a program designed specifically for fixing Search Redirecting Viruses. I recommend Fix Redirecting Virus. It guarantees to fix the problem, offers 24/7 tech support, and it work extremely fast.


Although it took about 3 months for his computer to completely shutdown, the amount of time someone has before the Google virus causes permanent damage could be a short period of time or a long period of time. But, once you have a rootkit, it’s inevitable. Don’t wait! All of his turmoil with his laptop could have been avoided had he taken action. Fix yours today.