Search Redirecting Virus: Rootkit or Computer Trojan?

One of the most frustrating infections your computer can catch these days is a search redirecting virus. These have traditionally been considered one of the most elusive infections. This virus opens your system up to any and every type of threat to your system that is compatible with it. It wreaks havoc on your system that can appear to be unstoppable. But the question is, what’s its origin?


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Search redirecting viruses have been traced back to rootkit infections. The nature of a rootkit is to embed your system with a gateway for threats to enter into your system through a ‘back door’ per say. Search redirecting viruses allow rogue websites access to your search results which basically characterize a free rootkit or rootkit tool. One of the most common rootkits is a win32 rootkit which is embedding in your win32 file folder. This makes it very difficult to sort out which files should be attended to in order to delete rootkit. Therefore, when your rootkit infected web browser hijacks your search results, it could be considered a search redirecting virus.



Computer Trojans also hold the characteristics displayed by a search redirecting virus. Computer infected with virus has been compromised to hackers. At that point, the hacker has full access to everything on your computer including, but not limited, to your contacts, passwords, programs, applications, and your web browser. This allows the hacker an opportunity to use search engine redirection as a tool if he/she does some form of marketing that pays CPM(cost per mille-set amount paid per 100 impressions). There are several variations of a computer Trojan. Most of which yield the characteristics of a search redirect virus.


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Search redirecting viruses are typically both. In most cases, the viruses on websites or viruses on internet enter your system through a file you choose to access or download that has it hidden deep within. It may start off initially as a rootkit which lays nestled in your system giving the gateway or any threat to make an entry to your system. This facilitates a free for all from the hackers who have sent out computer Trojans that will infiltrate your system in several ways including control of your web browser. Rootkit’s open the door, Trojans walk in and sabotage your system.

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Be careful online. Always be sure your have the most effective and updated anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-malware program on the market and keep all of your files backed up. I recommend Kaspersky for protections and My PC Backup as an online solution for backup. You could always use an external hard drive to back up your system also. Look for rootkit detection software to try to catch this problem in the early stages.

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