Three Hazards of Ignoring Your Browser Redirecting Virus

3 hazards of ignoring search redirect virus

Doesn’t it always seem like things with your computer all go wrong at the worst times? I mean the times where you either can’t afford to get an expensive job done or just don’t have the time to even deal with the problem. Aggravating isn’t it? This … [Continue reading]

Early Installation of Anti-Malware Can Minimize Damage of the Search Redirect Virus


Most of us tend to address problems as they come. Typically, we wait till the last possible minute to take care of a problem that we may have seen coming a while ago. In some instances, this manner of problem resolution doesn’t cause a huge snowball … [Continue reading]

Fast Redirect Virus Removal Can Help Keep Your Identity Secure While Online

ID Theft

There are several ways to get your identity stolen these days. These thieves are doing everything from taking mail, manipulating business cards, and extracting credit card information through your pocket or purse. But, the most comprehensive hub for … [Continue reading]

Tips to Help You Get Rid of Your Search Engine Redirect Virus

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One of the latest in online annoyances is the search engine redirect virus. It doesn’t matter if you use Google, Yahoo, or Bing, to name a few, as your search engine, they are all affected equally. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of your … [Continue reading]

Do You Have A Search Redirecting Malware Problem?

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These days our computers are plagued with all types of threats. One of the more common is a search redirecting malware. These annoyances will make you feel like picking up your computer and throwing it out of the window. But, don’t! There is a … [Continue reading]

Remove Happili Virus: Wait, What Is It?

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In the tech world, there has been a huge demand for information on how to remove happili virus. For those of you not in the tech world you’re probably wondering exactly what the ‘happili virus’ is. Please allow me to explain. What is the happili … [Continue reading]

Your Computer Is Infected: How Long Until It’s Destroyed?

Bomb Inside Computer

For most all computers owners, the worst news you could get is "Your Computer Is Infected With A Virus!" It's news that immediately alludes to buying a new computer, soon! We all want to make this go away as soon as possible. The first question to … [Continue reading]

Rootkit Signs – Origin Of The Search Redirect Virus

Rootkit Sign

  One of the most evasive threats to your PC in the recent past has been rootkits. You may be wondering "What are rootkits?" Rootkits are defined as malicious software that allows an unauthorized user to maintain access to a computer by … [Continue reading]

I Got A Virus, Now What Do I Do?


A really good friend of mine was allowing a lot of people to come over and use his laptop. As a good person, he allowed this because several of these people either didn’t have computers on their own, or lived far away and needed to take care of … [Continue reading]

Search Redirecting Virus: Rootkit or Computer Trojan?

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One of the most frustrating infections your computer can catch these days is a search redirecting virus. These have traditionally been considered one of the most elusive infections. This virus opens your system up to any and every type of threat to … [Continue reading]